Guardians star Chris Pratt says the 'best character' isn't Star-Lord

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Oct 18, 2013

The leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy has a favorite character, and it's not his.

Now that principal photography has wrapped on director James Gunn's Marvel Comics cosmic adventure, the stars of the film are opening up a little more about the characters they play and the tone of the film. Chris Pratt, who will lead the Guardians as Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, has also gotten in on the fun, but when approached by Access Hollywood to talk about the film, he didn't want to talk about Star-Lord. He want to talk about Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon, who he called "probably the best character" in the flick. Here's why:

"You think it’s a cartoon character, but it’s not, it’s a very real creature," Pratt said. "[Rocket Raccoon has been] tortured his whole life and no one else likes him, so he’s lonely and he’s angry and it’s like, [there are] all these elements [to the character]. You sort of forget about that, you wouldn’t think about, [and] hopefully will come to life. I think it will and that’s why they hired a really good actor to do the role. I could not be more excited that Bradley Cooper is voicing Rocket Raccoon. It’s a great character. It’s probably the best character in the movie, just because it’s not what you would expect."

So, with that statement Pratt managed to deliver a ringing endorsement of the film's biggest question-mark character while shedding some light on just who Rocket Raccoon is at the same time. They're definitely encouraging words, but we won't know for sure just how effective Rocket is until Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters next summer.

What do you think? Do you expect great things from Rocket Raccoon?

(Access Hollywood via Slashfilm)

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