Guess who recently filmed a cameo appearance in Logan (UPDATED)

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May 4, 2017, 1:45 PM EDT (Updated)

It appears that 20th Century Fox's Marvel mini-universe is getting a little deeper into the crossover game.

The Wrap reports that Ryan Reynolds recently filmed a scene as Deadpool for Logan, the third standalone Wolverine movie and Hugh Jackman's farewell to the role.

A source close to the project said that the scene will likely show up during the end credits, in what is now standard operating procedure for just about every superhero film. 

In this case, that sounds like a good idea: From what we've seen so far, Logan looks like a dark, serious, ultra-violent affair, a tone that could be, shall we say, severely challenged by the presence of the flip, sarcastic, jokey Merc With a Mouth. Sticking him in the middle of the credits somewhere will put a little distance between whatever he's doing and the main storyline.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Reynolds has played Deadpool in a Wolverine movie either, with the character initially appearing in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But that was a version of Wade Wilson that bore little resemblance to the much more faithful take in last year's blockbuster Deadpool. Wolverine made a cameo of sorts himself in that movie, with Reynolds flashing a crude mask of his face in one scene.

Interestingly, the scene that Reynolds shot for Logan was not filmed by that movie's director, James Mangold, but by David Leitch, who is directing Deadpool 2 following the exit of Tim Miller earlier this year.

Whether this is just a one-off gag or is part of a lead-up to a full-blown X-Men/Deadpool crossover movie remains to be seen, but given that the latter is already connected to the Marvel mutants, it's not beyond the realm of possibility -- once Fox figures out exactly what it's doing next with the X-Men as well.

Logan comes out on March 3, 2017. Make sure you stay all the way to the end ...

UPDATE: According to Collider, both Ryan Reynolds and Logan director James Mangold have gone online to deny this story, with Reynolds tweeting, "Sadly, not true," and referring to Jackman with a nod to his character in Les Miserables. Mangold, meanwhile, called The Wrap the "show biz Breitbart," the conservative site that has gained a reputation for spreading alt-right fake news. Of course, both men could be hiding the truth as well, but see their tweets below: