The American Horror Story star we hoped for will be back for more

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Dec 17, 2012

We already know that one of the best things about season one of American Horror Story, the creepily awesome Jessica Lange, will be back in season two as a new character. Now we know the male lead who will be joining her.

Deadline is reporting that Zachary Quinto, who played the haunted house's deceased previous owner Chad in a handful of episodes, will be back full-time in season two of the hit FX horror series.

Quinto will play a brand-new character in season two, which is set on the East Coast in a "horror institution."

Even better? Apparently he will play Lange's nemesis, as one of the two male leads in year two. We know he has the chops to play a baddie (look no further than the early seasons of Heroes), and he is one heck of an actor.

Quinto stole the show in every episode he was in during season one, and he and Lange crackled whenever they were on screen together—so bringing the duo back full-time sounds like an easy recipe for success.

Season two of American Horror Story is slated to premiere this October on FX.

Sound off: Is this early casting news making all your dreams come true for season two, or would you like to see some of the Harmon clan return as well?

(via Deadline)