Which Lost star will start fighting aliens on S2 of Falling Skies?

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Dec 16, 2012

Guess who's joining the resistance? The cast of Falling Skies is about to get help from a Lost favorite. Who needs machine guns and ammo when you have John Locke and his trusty knife?

According to EW, Terry O'Quinn has snagged a guest spot on TNT's Falling Skies. O'Quinn is set to appear in the final two episodes of the second season. The actor will play "a former history professor and mentor to Tom Mason," played by Noah Wyle.

No one knows about roughing it more than Terry O'Quinn. The actor spent years playing sketchy survivalist John Locke on ABC's Lost. After the show ended in 2010, he managed to land several high-profile acting jobs. He most recently appeared on the second season of Hawaii Five-0, where he reunited with fellow "lostie" Daniel Dae Kim.

Last summer, Falling Skies became one of TNT's biggest hits. During its first season it averaged more than 6 million viewers and was basic cable's highest-rated new series. That's a tough act to follow. We shouldn't be surprised that they're bringing out the big guns.

Falling Skies will return to TNT this summer.

(via EW)