Guess who's in the running to direct Captain America 2

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Dec 16, 2012

Steve Rogers may be part of the Avengers this summer, but don't think that means you've seen the last of his solo act. Marvel Studios is hard at work looking for a director to take over the sequel to last year's Captain America: The First Avenger ... and it's found a few candidates.

Captain America was directed by Joe Johnston and grossed $368 million worldwide. Naturally, Marvel has plans for a sequel, but Johnston won't return to direct. They've got their eye on some new talent, and they've whittled down their list of potentials to George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau), F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job) and Anthony and Joseph Russo (Community, Happy Endings).

The Russos may seem like a long shot, considering their background in sitcoms. But they've done their fair share of feature films. The duo directed 2006's You, Me and Dupree and 2002's Welcome to Collinwood. Plus, Marvel President Kevin Feige is a "vibe guy" who's more interested in collaboration than resumes.

A source tells Vulture, "He likes to see if he gets along with people before he'll decide about spending the next two years with them. And apparently they hit it off with Kevin in the room."

At this point, it looks like anyone could take it.

Who do you think should direct Captain America 2?

(Via Vulture)