Guggenheim on adapting Arrow and The Flash to animation in Vixen web series

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Sep 10, 2015

The CW has expanded its superhero universe to the animated world with the new series Vixen, and producer Marc Guggenheim has opened up about the challenges and opportunities in bringing the flagship characters to the animated spinoff.

For those unfamiliar, The CW's online network, Seed, has been rolling out webisodes of Vixen (currently on Episode 3) the past few weeks, with the opening arc framed around a cameo appearance by The Flash and Arrow. This series is loosely set within the continuity of the live-action world, and comes from the same creative team, so the creators had to be extra careful when figuring out exactly how to make the jump.

In the behind-the-scenes clip below, Guggenheim chats about what they focused on while translating the costumes from live action into animated form, and the challenges involved with staying true to what fans already know and love. Compared to DC’s successful slate of animated films, the final product is an interesting amalgam of those looks with the design accents from the live-action shows. It’s also worth noting: It looks great.

Check out the featurette, featuring Guggenheim and other members of the creative staff, below:


(Via Bleeding Cool)

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