Guggenheim on Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: 'We've got a few empty chairs on that bridge'

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Mar 31, 2016

The CW’s small-screen DC universe seems to be practically unstoppable these days, with even the ambitious anthology series Legends of Tomorrow already earning a Season 2 renewal. So, what can we expect from next year?

Marc Guggenheim chatted with IGN about the series, and how they’re already plotting the course for how Legends will look in its second season. Though the series was pitched as an anthology, Guggenheim said the cast will mostly stay the same heading into next season — though there will certainly be some shakeups along the way. But it sounds like the concept of heroes zipping around time in a spaceship will certainly remain intact.

As for specific Season 2 ideas, Guggenheim said he’s champing at the bit to use the Huntress, and the producers are in active discussions to figure out if (and how) that could work. He also touched on how they’ll continue to use Flash and Arrow as a “breeding ground” to try out new characters for Legends, so any exciting new additions (Vixen?) could potentially make the jump.

He also revealed they have a unique, time travel Flash story on the board for next season (similar to what they did with the future-set Arrow story this season). Oh, and he would love to use Batman Beyond — but DC’s big screen plans are still keeping Batman (even the Terry McGinnis version) off the table at this point. Le sigh.

In regards to the actual cast make-up, here’s an excerpt from Guggenheim’s comments:

“We’ve certainly talked about it, and talked about the fact that, depending on how long our second season is, maybe people come in for just a few episodes, and we get different kinds of actors and stuff. I don’t think the show is going to have a brand new cast next year. The poster is going to look fundamentally the same as it did… You know, Rory got disposed of in Episode 7, and you know we already lost Hawkman. So, we’ve got a few empty chairs on that bridge. With empty chairs come possibilities.”

The options are seriously limitless, and that’s what makes this concept so fun. Anyone from Jonah Hex to Constantine could potentially come aboard, and it sounds like Legends will remain the TV equivalent of a “What If?” comic (in a good way, most of the time) heading into next fall.

What would you like to see from Legends of Tomorrow Season 2?


(Via IGN)

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