Guillermo del Toro promises a 'sick and twisted' tale with Crimson Peak

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Apr 24, 2015

Horror fans get an original treat this Halloween season, as Guillermo del Toro aims to wash out the taste of all those Saw and Paranormal Activity sequels.

The director had a chance to talk up the horror film at CinemaCon recently, and promised this will definitely be something outside the box from the typical box-office fare. Del Toro said the film taps into his love of all things Gothic, and considering he’s been working on this thing the better part of a decade (the spec script was written way back in 2006), we believe it.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments, via Variety:

"When I was growing up, I loved Gothic romance. It has very sick and twisted elements in it — that’s why I like it. And I wanted an operatic spectacle."

The director also talked about the unique look of the film. Fresh off his tenure on the FX-filled sci-fi spectacle Pacific Rim, it seems del Toro wanted to make something a bit more tangible. So he constructed an actual four-story mansion for the filming of Crimson Peak. That’s right. That gorgeous house? He pretty much had the whole thing actually built. Del Toro noted he "wanted to make the film mostly practical," with "no greenscreen."

Crimson Peak opens Oct. 16, and should make for an excellent way to spend the Halloween season.

(Via Variety)

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