Guillermo del Toro reveals what could've been with his aborted Silent Hills game

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May 15, 2015, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Director Guillermo del Toro’s intriguing new videogame project Silent Hills died a tragic death in development hell, but here’s what could’ve been.

The folks at Konami unceremoniously pulled the plug on the project after co-creator Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) departed the company in a very public exit. With the project seemingly shelved for good (the studio has already yanked the acclaimed, playable demo off the web), del Toro opened up to IGN about what they were planning to make.

Not surprisingly, it sounds awesome. The game would’ve starred Walking Dead favorite Norman Reedus (aka Daryl Dixon) at the center of a new Silent Hill mystery, though del Toro says the real star of the show would’ve been the terrifyingly creepy atmosphere. He didn’t want to spoil everything but did offer up a nice tease of what they wanted to do:

"What we wanted to do with the game – and we were very much in agreement on this – was to take the technology and make it as cutting-edge as we could in creating terror in the house. The idea was very, very atmosphere-drenched.

But what made Silent Hill so great was that you had the atmosphere but then you a pay-off with a very active, very intense series of moments. We wanted to do some stuff that I’m pretty sure – just in case it ever comes back, which honestly I would love for somebody to change their mind and we can do it – but in case it comes back there was some stuff that was very new, and I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

Norman [Reedus] was super happy, Hideo was super happy, and so was I. I know there’s a petition going on the internet and it’s gathering signatures. I would add my signature to it, and hope that someone pays attention."

In regard to the bizarre and public death of the game, del Toro noted that this is the second time he’s tried to dabble in the videogame space — and the second time the experience has gone sideways. Not surprisingly, he’s still bummed about the whole ordeal:

"Well, you know, I’ve tried twice and I don’t know if I’ll ever come back to the form. In one instance, the company went down, and in the second, the completely unexpected happened, which was Kojima and Konami separating. It’s kind of left me reeling … Honestly that’s what surprised me. It was a sort of scorched earth approach. It was not a gentle and ambiguous cancellation."

Silent Hills is set to hit shelves probably never. You know, because of that whole cancellation thing. Do you wish we’d had a chance to actually see this game finished?

(Via IGN)