Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro talks badly designed UFOs with James Cameron, and it’s still scary: Watch

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May 16, 2018, 1:49 PM EDT

If anyone can dream up some of the most horrifying things to rise from the dead and plague our nightmares, it’s Guillermo del Toro — but even he has seen some unexplainable phenomena outside of Hollywood special effects. This is what you should expect form someone who used to talk to the monsters under his bed.

In a conversation with James Cameron on Cameron’s AMC series Story of Science Fiction, the Oscar-winning Shape of Water director opened up about angels, demons — and UFOs. Misbehaving UFOs. The man who believes demons evidence the existence of angels and that monsters are really just a reflection of us confessed that as a teenager, he and his friend once bought a six-pack and went cruising on the highway, where they planned to just going park on the side of the road, stargaze, and talk about whatever 16-year-olds believe are profound issues.

It didn’t really turn out that way.

On the highway, something flashed on the horizon. It wasn’t just hovering over the road like so many flying saucers do in movies. This supposed flying saucer (and, he said, it looked like a movie-prop flying saucer complete with lights glowing all around) obviously wasn’t equipped with GPS since it was moving erratically from one direction to the next with it high beams set on nothing in particular. Then it caught sight of del Toro’s car and, as the director remembered, zoomed about “in less than a second.”

“If I was making this up, I would describe the UFO as something invented but it was a flying saucer,” del Toro swore to Cameron, who was obviously amused at how stereotypical the alien starship (or whatever it was) appeared. “I felt awe maybe for a second — and then I felt fear.” As del Toro and his friend scrambled back into the car, screaming for someone to push the pedal, the unidentified thing floating in midair started to follow them. Then it just vanished.

Cameron couldn’t help but muse how whoever was driving that spacecraft had probably already cracked open their beers and was now laughing hysterically at the two kids speeding off on the highway.

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