del Toro and Battlestar producer reimagining The Hulk for TV

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Dec 14, 2012

As part of Marvel's big push onto the small screen, the Hellboy director and the Battlestar Galactica producer are teaming up to bring the Not-So-Jolly Green Giant to ABC in the fall of 2012.

This new Hulk series will be likely be an origin story, featuring an energized, twentysomething Bruce Banner. And while the various movie Hulks were entirely CGI beasts, the series will use a mixture of prosthetics, puppetry and CGI to realize Banner's alter ago, the design of which will be overseen by Del Toro. The two men will develop the pilot episode's story together, with Eick doing the scripting and Del Toro directing—if he's free from his other 94 commitments.

"I have always been attracted [by] the combination of comic-book heroics and monsters, Jack Kirby's Demon or Kamandi or DC's Deadman or Marvel's Dr. Strange, Morbius, Metamorpho, Mike Mignola's Hellboy, etc," said Del Toro, who tried to get The Hulk up and running as a feature almost a decade ago but focused on Blade II instead.

The Hulk would most likely premiere in fall 2012, on the heels of Joss Whedon's The Avengers. If there's anyone in geekdom who knows the inner workings of the misunderstood monster, it's Del Toro.

(via Deadline)

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