Guillermo del Toro producing Deadman adaptation

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Warner Brothers is moving forward on bringing DC Comics' supernatural superhero Deadman to the screen, according to Variety. Guillermo del Toro, who had originally been tapped to direct in 2006, will instead act as producer. Danish filmmaker Nikolaj Arcel, who made the thriller King's Game and the dark fantasy Island of Lost Souls, will direct.

The character Deadman was created by comic book legends Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino. Deadman is Boston Brand, a circus acrobat who is murdered and who in the afterlife is granted, by the goddess Rama Kushna, the ability to endure as a ghost who can control the bodies of the living in order to avenge his own death and further cause of justice.

Though Infantino was the original artist on Deadman's adventures, the character gained wider appeal and cult status through the art of Neal Adams.

Angry Films' Don Murphy, who produced the Transformers films, and Susan Montford, who produced Shoot 'Em Up, will produce with del Toro.