Hobbit news: Smaug will be unlike any dragon you've seen

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Guillermo del Toro has been talking about The Hobbit to TotalFilm and especially about his ideas for Smaug, the dragon.

I think one of the designs I'm the proudest of is Smaug. Obviously he took the longest.

It's actually still active: we're finishing his colour palette and a little bit of the texture. But the bulk of the design took about a year, solid. It's because of the unique features of the dragon.

Early in production I came up with a very strong idea that would separate Smaug from every other dragon ever made. The problem was implementing that idea. But I think we've nailed it.

Given del Toro's affinity for bizarre creatures (see Hellboy II: The Golden Army), we're intrigued by what he might do to Smaug, who as far as we recollect was your basic winged fire-breathing dragon (see illustration above).

What do you think?

(Thanks to for the heads-up.)

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