Del Toro's insane Pacific Rim footage blows the roof off Comic-Con

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Dec 17, 2012

Comic-Con favorite Guillermo Del Toro just premiered footage from his new movie Pacific Rim in Hall H—and promptly blew everyone's minds!

Del Toro gets a hero's welcome every time he shows up at Comic-Con, even though he has not directed a movie in six years. But he explains that this movie came to him like a "fat, obscene, huge Christmas gift"—although he adds that Legendary literally saved his life by offering him the film at a time when he had seen both The Hobbit and At the Mountains of Madness slip through his fingers.

After Del Toro and Legendary Pictures boss Thomas Tull bring out the cast (Ron Perlman, Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day and Rinko Kikuchi), Del Toro says simply, "Let's see some footage."

The montage is brief and begins with two scientists literally coming upon a giant robot fighter, called a Jaeger, in some kind of arctic wilderness. Then we move quickly to shots of giant kaiju destroying cities and bridges, then humans in battle gear strapping into the pods from which they control the Jaeger robots. and finally shots of Jaegers and kaiju going at it head to head in the kinds of battles we haven't seen since, well, those original kaiju movies,

Make no mistake, though, these are not guys in bad rubber suits. This movie just practically screams "Colossal!" and Del Toro has taken great pains to make damn sure how big his monsters are.

He stresses this point in the question-and-answer session afterward, revealing that there are nine different kaiju in the film and that the whole thing has been approached "as fans" by himself and his team.

We know that Del Toro is a fan at heart, so if he set out to make a kaiju film, you can be sure he'll make the biggest and best one possible. And with Pacific Rim, we think he might have done it!

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