Guy builds awesome working wood stove shaped like Futurama's Bender

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Apr 26, 2013

Light my shiny metal @$$! 

It was a cool evening out and U.K. engineer  Rob “Halftroll” Hall got to thinking he could do with a wood-burning stove. But what should it look like? What would set this stove apart from all others? According to Hall, it was a night of drinking and watching Futurama that brought him his answer.

A short while ago I moved to a new workshop and the cooler evenings had me thinking about making a decent size woodstove, a few days later while watching Futurama and drunk as a skunk an idea came to me. Three weeks later, 5 gas bottles, 5kg of welding wire, 90 litres of CO2, various bits of steel mostly 1.2mm sheet, plenty of plasters and copious amounts of alcohol this is what I ended up with.

And here he is!

And in case you had any doubts that this is the genuine article, we've got a video that shows Bender fully lit and holding a brew.

We sure wouldn't mind spending a night out looking at the stars, warmed by the glow of Bender Bending Rodriguez. Just don't make us watch any of those sad Futurama episodes, all right?

(via Laughing Squid)