This guy claiming he electrocuted then froze an alien has been arrested

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Jun 13, 2013

There's a very important lesson to be learned here about faking an alien invasion.

A man only identified as Mr. Li is currently in some hot water. He claimed recently that he discovered five aliens on the banks of the Yellow River in China some three months ago. Not only that, he also laid claim to the fact that one of those aliens was electrocuted by a high-voltage electric fence. At that point, Li insisted he took the alien's dead body, froze it, and then took pictures.

That would have been some story if it were true. It wasn't. Not only was it a lie, but it was a fabrication that got the farmer busted. Police in the Shandong province wound up arresting Mr. Li for disturbing the public order when he released photos of the supposed alien.

It turned out that the "alien" was made by Mr. Li using rubber, chicken wire and glue.

Meanwhile, UFO conspiracy theorists are still convinced that the alien is real. As it should be. It just wouldn't be a story about fake aliens if there weren't at least one Fox Mulder who still believes the truth is out there.

(via The Huffington Post)

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