Guy creates a frakkin' awesome Cylon engagement ring

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Feb 26, 2013, 1:19 PM EST

We're still not sure what the Cylons plan was, but this Battlestar Galactica fan clearly knew what he was doing. 

Michael Moragne is a smart fella. You want an engagement ring, it's always best to go for the family hierloom first if it's available. There's something incredibly potent about using something that exists within your own lineage as a means to express what (you hope) will be an undying love.

But Moragne isn't just smart -- he's brilliant. He took that gold and diamond from his grandmother's ring and he used it to craft a brand-new ring with a Cylon edge. Just look at this thing!

It's even got a ruby for the eye! In case you are wondering, his girlfriend -- excuse us -- his fiance, said yes. Awesome. Congratulations to the flesh-wearing happy Toasters!

(via The Mary Sue)