Guy says he got fired for liking My Little Pony too much

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Sep 30, 2013, 4:09 PM EDT (Updated)

Sure, being a 30-something Brony might make you a little unusual, but is it enough to make you unemployed, too? 

The new iteration of My Little Pony has garnered a really huge following, and not just with little girls. Everyone across all ages and genders is attracted to the light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek humor the cartoon provides. The show is so big that it has multiple conventions around the world dedicated to it.

With that in mind, it's not all that surprising that the subject of this story, a father in his late 30s, used to feel comfortable being out about his Brony status. The people in his office, however, seemed to feel otherwise.

Revealing his story to Reddit under the handle "FiredBrony," the former employee revealed what went down from his point of view. He showed his affinity for the animated series by having one of its characters, Applejack, set as his desktop background, saying he "figured it was no big deal, nobody would see it anyway and it was certainly no different than the other guys in my office using pics of their favorite sports teams or their cheerleading squads."

FiredBrony's boss, however, felt otherwise. He called the fan into his office to let him know that having a cartoon pony as a desktop background is "weird and it makes people uncomfortable."

Result? FiredBrony took the offending image off his computer.

But it didn't end there. The story continued months later after an incident occuring on Take Your Child to Work Day. Here's how FiredBrony remembers events.

I bring my son in (he's more of a sports guy than me) and it's a good day. He talks with a couple of my co-workers (he's 10) about random sports stuff. My boss's daughter is 9 and she comes in wearing a Rainbow Dash shirt. As we were doing introductions, I told her I liked her shirt , something innocent the same way people go "those are some cool shoes" to a kid, nothing weird at all. After the day is done, my boss brings me into his office and confronts me about it, telling me again he thinks it's weird and to cut it out at work. I try to tell him it's no different than people pulling my son aside and talking about sports with him and stuff. But I oblige and for the next few months, didn't bring it up at all feeling now like my boss has it out for me.

And, indeed, it would seem his boss probably did have it out for him. About a week ago, the fan was mocked by his co-workers for his interest in "Brony Culture" and, ultimately, was pulled into his boss's office again, told he was still making others uncomfortable, and then summarily fired.

That's right -- taken on its surface, this is the tale of a man who was fired for liking My Little Pony.

We're a little surprised that FiredBrony only chose to reach out to human resources after he was let go, but then again, once you've contacted HR about your boss, the chances you'll be employed much longer rapidly approach zero.

Is it fair? No. Might there be more to this story than what we've been told? Probably. Regardless, here's how FiredBrony's story ends:

Anyway, it's not all bad. The job was $#!@, I have some other opportunities already coming up that pay better, have better hours and better benefits. So thanks. And a $%#, you Mr. Carter, you're the worst boss I've ever had in my years of working.

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