Guy who created grossest con costume ever shares his disgusting story

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Feb 21, 2013, 5:33 PM EST

What's the most grotesque story you've ever heard come out of a comic convention? Forget it, this one's even worse!

Scott Shaw! (yes, his name usually includes the exclamation point) is one of those hard-working artists that veterans in the industry know and love. He's worked on everything from The Flinstones to The Simpsons, Sonic the Hedgehog and a host of other family-friendly fare. But he also spent much of the '70s working with a host of other indie artists to craft some more ... interesting characters. One that sticks out in particular is the Turd.

You heard right. The Turd was a sewer monster made out of human feces, and he made his first-ever appearance in Gory Stories Quarterly number two and a half back in 1972. Now, that's an achievement. It's not every day that someone gets a story published about a poo beast. But how do you celebrate such a milestone? At that year's World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles, Shaw! found a way that would never be forgotten.

Now, even back then men and women spent a lot of time crafting costumes for major conventions. After all, you want to look the part, you want to look cool while doing it, and you want people who would care to see your work and admire it. Shaw!, though, he had a different plan. He wondered what kind of costume he could throw together as quickly as possible, and a friend had just the right idea -- dress as the Turd!

And folks, that is exactly what Shaw! did. He got some ladies' pantyhose (Leggs brand, of course. Only the best!) so he had a base with which to start and then proceeded to cover himself with peanut butter. He also added some corn for that extra-chunky charm. What happened at the con and the fallout weeks later is the stuff of legend. But we'll let Shaw! do the talking on this one.

So if you've ever wondered why costumes are not supposed to be made of edible substances at conventions nowadays, let the repellent mystery, at long last, be revealed. And for those of you who still have your sea legs, here's a small gallery of images that show Shaw! in costume.

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