Guy who did those super-detailed Star Wars maps just did Indy Jones

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:33 AM EDT (Updated)

A few days ago, we showed you a trio of gorgeous plot maps diagramming the entire original Star Wars trilogy. Now the same artist has mapped the first three Indiana Jones adventures, and the results are equally dazzling.

Andrew DeGraff has done quite a few pop-culture-based plot maps (including ones covering Hitchcock films), and they're all richly detailed and done in a style that in some way reflects the look of the film they're based on. It works like this: DeGraff will draw key locations from the flicks (the Death Star, for example, or the zeppelin from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), and then draw lines of different colors representing the characters moving through those locations. Each character has his or her own color (on these maps, for example, Indy is red), and all you have to do is follow the lines through the locales to get the whole plot progression.

Take a look at the maps below. And if you're really into these particular pieces, DeGraff notes on his blog that there are prints available.

(Via Neatorama)

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