Guy claims Mayan apocalypse means he shouldn't have to pay ticket

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Dec 17, 2012

Think of all the ways you might try to weasel your way out of a traffic ticket. Blame the other driver, maybe, or just stick the ticket in your glove compartment and hope it goes away. Well, one Russian motorist got extra creative with his legal maneuvering, claiming that he shouldn't have to pay the ticket because the world's about to end anyway.

The motorist, identified only as a man from the Kemerovo region of Russia, has reportedly gone to quite a lot of effort to dispute a $32 traffic fine stemming from a minor car accident over the summer. His argument: that the so-called Mayan prophecy of a 2012 apocalypse will come true later this year, so he shouldn't go to the trouble of coughing up the cash.

"According to his calculations, the doomsday will come at the end of the year, and the payment would be pointless," regional court officials said.

The man apparently stopped by local court offices every day to present "schemes, drawings and graphs" to bolster his argument. He also wrote a 10-page explanation for why he wouldn't pay the ticket. But despite this apparently fatalistic approach to getting out of legal obligations, the man also has a streak of hope in him.

"The debtor believes that if people are kinder to each other and forgive each other's debts, the world will not end," a local debt collector said.

So, if local officials would just let this guy ignore his ticket and go on with his life, the world might not end. It's an intriguing argument, but unfortunately we don't know yet if this method worked. So, if you've got unpaid traffic tickets and you're holding out to see if you'll live to 2013, you might want to go ahead and cut a check. After all, you can't take it with you.

(Via Huffington Post)

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