Guy creates painted video of Blade Runner from 3,285 watercolors

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Dec 17, 2012

Feeling uninspired? Check out this hypnotic teaser blending 3,285 trippy images from the sci-fi classic by ambitious Swedish artist Anders Ramsell. Rachel's swirling smoke rings never looked more awesome.

Behold the beauty of the first 13 minutes of Ramsell's heroic attempt to capture the entire spectrum of the film in vivid watercolor with Blade Runner: The Aquarelle Edition. Aquarelle is a French term for watercolor paintings created quickly with a transparent wash that cannot be altered once formed. (Don't you wish the Star Wars saga had been filmed under those conditions?) Have a look ...

Striking! Eventually, after thousands more aquarelles are finished, they'll be added to the edit to create a complete frame-by-frame rendition of Sir Ridley's futurescape of renegade replicants in a neon-soaked L.A. The pairing of the pulsing Ramsell artwork with actual music, dialogue and sound FX makes for a strange, surreal glimpse into an alternate interpretation of the movie that lingers long after its viewing.

What do you think? Do these artistic tinkerings preserve the feel and flair of the original or only taint its legacy?

(via Forces Of Geek)