Guy cuts together all Spidey footage to date into 25-minute movie

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Dec 17, 2012

We may still have to wait until July 3 to see Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man, but you can watch 25 minutes of the new Spidey right now—thanks to an intrepid fan's efforts to splice together all the footage we've seen to date.

The super clip seems to be a pretty good showcase for what we can probably expect, though it's a little crazy to think that 25 minutes of a film have been released in nothing more than promo clips and trailers.

For those who argue they've seen all the good scenes already, I guess there could be room to argue—but here's hoping Marc Webb kept a few aces up his sleeve for the full film.

Check out the video below:

Sound off: Do you think studios are releasing too much footage to try and ramp up interest? Do you like the peeks, or would you prefer to go in with less of an opinion formed?