Guy gets jail time for dual lightsaber attack at a toy store

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Dec 16, 2012

Last month, we told you about a guy from Oregon who went all Darth Maul in the middle of Toys "R" Us, swinging plastic lightsabers at customers and cops until he was arrested. Now the same guy is on his way to a brief jail stay, though sadly his crime is not listed as "Misuse of the Force."

David Allen Canterbury, 33, was sentenced to 45 days in jail in an Oregon circuit court Monday on charges of fourth-degree assault and resisting arrest. Judge Kenneth Walker dismissed several other charges in the case, including interfering with a police officer, theft and disorderly conduct.

Canterbury was arrested late Dec. 14 outside a Toys "R" Us store where he'd been menacing customers with a pair of lightsabers. He swatted at three different holiday shoppers with the blades, then went outside and continued to swing them at police as they tried to subdue him. The Force was so strong with him that he managed to deflect Taser wires the cops shot at him, but they eventually wrestled him to the ground.

In court Monday, Canterbury said he's already seeking treatment for mental health issues and apologized to the victims of his rather odd attack. The judge also sentenced Canterbury to two years of probation and a mental health evaluation that could result in an order for more treatment.

Sadly, Canterbury has also been banned from Toys "R" Us for the incident, so he'll have to go elsewhere for his Force weapons. Here's hoping the mental health treatment he's after will do him some good.

(via Oregon Live)

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