Guy Pearce on why he turned down Daredevil, but joined Iron Man 3

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Guy Pearce is everywhere these days. This year he starred in two sci-fi films (Prometheus and Lockout), and in 2013 he'll appear in Marvel's Iron Man 3. There he'll play second fiddle to Robert Downey Jr., but 10 years ago he could have headlined his own superhero movie—Daredevil.

While promoting the indie drama Lawless, Pearce spoke about his comic book past. It turns out he was offered the title role in 2003's Daredevil. The actor swears he doesn't have anything against superhero movies (obviously), but he was at a different place in his career.

"The thing about Daredevil was that it was the role of Daredevil [that I didn't want to do]. Certainly in those was10 years ago. I've probably loosened up, and I feel a little more experimental in what I'll take on these days, but I still don't know that I would want to play the superhero myself, since I'm playing a different kind of character in this film. And I think that, based on the first two movies, there's a great chemistry between Robert [Downey Jr.] and Gwyneth [Paltrow], and I just think the films have a fun, joyful sort of quality about them. I've just enjoyed them. So I just felt like I wanted to be a part of this."

In 2002, he starred in the sci-fi film The Time Machine, where he appeared in almost every scene. After that, he decided to focus on smaller films. So what's brought him back to blockbusters?

"The main difference was that, when I did The Time Machine, I was pretty much in all of it, so it was a really grueling experience. Prometheus and Iron Man are really kind of cameo stuff, so the experience of shooting them...I mean, on some level, it's tricky because you feel like a bit of an outsider. You don't really live the experience that you do when you're there all day every day with everybody. But at the same time, it can be more fun sometimes because you're just working in concentrated spurts."

He refers to his Iron Man 3 role as "kind of cameo stuff." What do you make of that?

(via Vulture)