Guy Pearce was nearly WHO in Batman Begins?

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Dec 17, 2012

Long before Christopher Nolan was the golden goose that birthed a hit (soon-to-be) Dark Knight trilogy, he was just another buzzy indie director, riding the wave of his twisty noir flick Memento. It turns out the star of that 2000 film that put Nolan on the map, Guy Pearce, was also in talks to play a role in Nolan's Batman Begins. Who, you ask?

It wasn't Bruce Wayne, but his trainer and eventual enemy Ra's Al Ghul—leader of the League of Shadows.

In an interview with Comic Book Movie, Pearce said he talked with Nolan about the role, which eventually went to Liam Neeson, but it just wasn't meant to be.

"I did talk to him about one of the characters, sort of vaguely, but I think those rumors [that he would be involved] had started before that anyway," he said. "It was the Liam Neeson character, but I was too young."

Check out the audio snippet below, where Pearce goes on to poke at Neeson's portrayal (all in good fun) of Al Ghul.

What do you think? Did Nolan make the right call going with Neeson over Pearce?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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