Guy re-enacts Bill Pullman's Independence Day speech all across NYC

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Dec 15, 2012

Last week, we told you about 18 of the most memorable speeches from sci-fi and fantasy films. But one guy decided to do more than just tell you about them. On July 4, Sean Kleier hit the streets and re-enacted Bill Pullman's speech from Independence Day ... again and again and again.

Kleier grabbed a microphone, did his best Pullman impression and confused the heck out of New Yorkers in Times Square, on the Brooklyn Bridge and at a bunch of other NYC landmarks.

From the faces of the spectators to this bit of guerrilla theater, we can tell they were for the most part puzzled. But we hope that if you'd been there, you'd have immediately gotten the point. We know we would have.

Check it out below.

(via Vulture)