Guy spends month turning Curiosity landing pics into stunning HD vid

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Dec 17, 2012

We've already seen some pretty amazing stuff from NASA's recently-landed Mars Curiosity Rover, but this blows everything else away. A space-loving filmmaker worked for over a month to convert a shaky video of the landing into a smooth HD clip, and the results are beautiful.

As Curiosity descended to the Martian surface on Aug. 6, a camera on board captured the action. But that video was only a low-res, four-frames-per-second clip, creating a shaky video that didn't fully capture the beauty of the moment.

Enter filmmaker Bard Canning, who put his video-tweaking skills to work and began a "painstaking labor of love," working more than a month to smooth out the video, up the resolution and even add sound to create a powerful space flight experience for the viewer. Watch as the rover drops all the way down to the Martian surface in real time.

Pretty awesome, right? And hey, there's even a making-of video.

So thanks to a guy who just wanted to see this thing in HD, we now have the clearest piece of film we've ever seen from another planet.

(Via Mashable)

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