Guy proposes to girlfriend with fake Muppets movie trailer (Aww!)

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

In what has to rank as one of the greatest movie-related marriage proposals ever, a guy filmed a fake trailer asking his girlfriend to marry him, had his local theater slip it in along with the usual endless parade of trailers, then sat back and waited to see how she would react. (Warning: Muppets ahead!)

Sid Ceaser (no, not Sid Caesar) had custom Muppets made that looked just like him and his girlfriend, Sara Prindiville. Then he filmed a sweet trailer about their relationship, which ended with Muppet-Sid proposing to Muppet-Sara, ending right after the cliffhanger question.

Check it out below.

And, oh—she said yes.

(via moviefone)

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