Guy's startling proof that Toy Story and Walking Dead are the same

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:22 AM EDT (Updated)

Pixar's looking a lot darker right now, huh?

When we think of Toy Story, we think of a heartwarming family film that, despite a few creepy toys, never stops making us smile. When we think of The Walking Dead, we think of ... other stuff.

It would never occur to us to compare the two, but we're not Reddit user JimmyLegs50. Somewhere in his amusingly twisted brain he realized that these two disparate pieces of entertainment actually have much more in common than we ever guessed, and he did a series of more than three dozen side-by-side comparisons to prove it.

Obviously not everything matches up perfectly (Woody doesn't straight-up murder Buzz, after all), but there are enough strange parallels to make us imagine an animated Walking Dead adventure starring Woody the Sheriff. Pixar would probably design some adorable intestines.

We picked a few of our favorite comparisons and put them in the gallery below. You can check out the whole thing here (obviously, major spoilers for both Toy Story and The Walking Dead). 

(imgur via Neatorama

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