Guy's ex-wife dumps hundreds of his Star Wars toys in an alley

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Dec 16, 2012

People with collectibles aren't always the easiest to live with. We know. Their stuff takes up a lot of space, it's a pain to dust, and sometimes it seems like they care more about their mint-condition Boba Fett action figure than they do about you. But that's still no excuse for taking someone's massive collection of Star Wars swag and tossing it out with the trash.

The victim of this heinous anti-fanboy attack remains nameless, but he did at least make his case known by emailing a few photos to the folks at Geekologie, who shared his story while keeping his name out of it. As you can see from the photos, there was a quite a bit of swag trashed here, but the vehicles and other assorted goodies lying out in the open weren't even the half of it.

"There were about 10 black trash bags with carded figures stuffed into them 400-500 of them! Good thing the weather was cooperative and I was quick enough on the scene to detour the smokers in the alley," the collector said.

Well, at least he got his stuff back, and hopefully with only minor damage to all that valuable packaging. Maybe he can keep the ex away from the goods for a while, but this brings up an important point. If you're the spouse of a collector and you're sick of the collection, try to keep in mind that some of it might actually be worth real money, and some of that money could one day be yours. Be patient with your fanboy (or fangirl) loved ones.

And, of course, we can all be happy that this particular case of Star Wars fan scorn didn't end in murder.

(via Geekologie)