Gwen's in serious danger in new Amazing Spider-Man 2 Super Bowl spot

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Jan 31, 2014

The beginnings of The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Super Bowl spot have just dropped, and things don't look good for Gwen Stacy.

Ever since the first Amazing Spider-Man flick was released, Emma Stone has been teasing the idea that Gwen will die just like her Marvel Comics incarnation, and just this week she teased that the film's Super Bowl TV spot would offer more clues to the character's eventual fate. Now part of that spot is here, courtesy of the film's official Facebook page, and while the Amazing Spider-Man 2 marketing team is definitely not going to outright tell us that a major character will die, things look rather dire for Gwen.

Check out the clip, which will lead in to Sunday's Super Bowl footage, below:

Now, this certainly doesn't confirm Gwen's eventual fate, and her fall through a glass ceiling in the arms of Spider-Man is certainly different from her comic-book demise, but there are still a few things we can glean from this footage that make Gwen's situation a bit scary. First, she's obviously falling from a great height, which means someone or something had to drop her. Second, of the villains the we know of in the flick so far, only Green Goblin has the capability to take Gwen up to such a height and drop her down again (unless Vulture surprises us). Those two elements are key to Gwen Stacy's legendary comic-book fate, so even if this differs from the source material, it gives us plenty of reason to worry.

We likely won't know for sure what will (or won't) happen to Gwen until Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2, but we will certainly be watching this Sunday to see what else the film's Super Bowl spot reveals about both Gwen and the film as a whole.

(Via The Amazing Spider-Man Facebook Page)

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