Hadron collisions and Jon Stewart

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Apr 9, 2008

The Large Hadron Collider, looming so largely in my mind since I'm heading there next week, was the topic of a recent interview on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart talked to Simon LeVay, who has written a book called When Science Goes Wrong. It's a funny interview (duh), but Jon does get one thing wrong: he says LHC will make anti-matter that will gobble the Earth, when he really meant a quark nugget or strangelet might be made which will gobble the Earth. Geez, what a basic error, especially for a comedian! Stewart needs to be schooled in current 10-dimensional string and particle physics theory. What an ignoramus!

Funny-- LeVay mentions he had a stomach flu, but there is no such thing (it's unrelated to influenza). Irony!

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