Halle Berry reveals secret Storm and Wolverine romance in X-Men movies

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:28 AM EDT (Updated)

In an interview with EW and People, Halle Berry revealed a bit of backstory that never got shown on screen in the X-Men film franchise, where she played Storm in three flicks (plus an uncredited cameo).

"Storm and Logan used to be lovers. It's true, Storm and Logan had a thing," she said.

Berry said that she and actor Hugh Jackman, who played Logan aka Wolverine all the way up until this year's goodbye performance in this year's Logan, had talked about the relationship, which was "wonderful...for a time."

Even steamier, a deleted scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past would have shown this relationship in action, with a kiss goodbye from Logan to Storm before he headed to the past to try to save the day.

Yeah, that kiss isn't exactly ambiguous.

"I joke in the movies, I'm like, 'how come nobody's loving on Storm? Like what's wrong with Storm?'" Berry said. "So we decided that Storm and Logan had a thing, and then Jean came and messed that up."

The characters do have a romantic relationship in the comics, though it's a short-lived one. The pair shared a kiss in the '80s, and had an actual ongoing relationship for a while just a few years ago; Logan was kind of Storm's rebound after she and Black Panther got divorced, in fact. There's even a tumblr dedicated to their relationship, because there's a tumblr dedicated to every possible relationship in all of genre entertainment. They even have a daughter named Kendall in an alternate reality!

Now that Alexandra Shipp is playing a younger Storm, maybe she'll get to have a little on-screen fun this go around.