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Jamie Lee Curtis has a second role in Halloween reboot, director reveals

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Oct 22, 2018, 4:57 PM EDT

The rebooted Halloween movie has struck a timely chord with audiences this season, who’ve rewarded Laurie Strode’s time-jumping return to Haddonfield with a massive opening weekend at the box office. 

In addition to bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise her career-defining role, and leaning heavily on original Halloween director John Carpenter for creative input, director David Gordon Green says capturing vibe of the original 1978 film even led to some fun, off-the-cuff moments for Curtis, who offered up her vocal talents to heighten the drama in an early scene.

Curtis’ contribution wasn’t just limited to her dominating screen time as Laurie, as Green revealed in a recent interview. In one of Michael Myers’ first murders in the new movie, the offscreen voice of a crying baby, Green explained, was provided by none other than Curtis herself. 

“She does this f***ing baby cry,” said Green, via Gamespot. “At the last minute, we're like, 'There's this boring gap here. So it was going to be her husband asleep on the sofa and it's like, 'Who gives a s*** about her husband sleeping on the sofa? Whatever.' But a baby crying, you're like, 'Oh, there's an ethical choice here.’ "

Curtis pulling double duty is only the latest in a recent string of similar moves for leading actors, including Ryan Reynolds' funny second role as Juggernaut for Deadpool 2 and, more recently, John Krasinski’s revelation that he did the motion capture work for the monsters in A Quiet Place.

Finding inventive ways to revisit small themes from the original movie was part of the fun. A borderline-throwaway moment that finds Laurie humming to herself in the original film, Green recently told Collider, found a fresh homage in the new movie.

“[T]here’s a [1978] scene where Laurie is walking down the sidewalk and she’s singing a song to herself that says, ‘I wish I had you all alone, just the two of us.’ They couldn’t afford the rights to a song, so Jamie and John [Carpenter] freestyled that song on the set,” Green said. “So, I had a band write the version of the song, and when the boy and his father are driving the truck to the bus crash, that song is playing on the radio.”

Check out more insights from Green and Halloween producer Jason Blum in SYFY WIRE’s own deep-dive interview, and then check Halloween out at a theater near you.