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Halloween: Michael Myers comes back home in first trailer for John Carpenter-produced sequel

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Sep 9, 2018, 6:14 PM EDT (Updated)

Forty years ago, writer/director/composer John Carpenter helped reshape the horror genre with the first Halloween, a low-budget feature that kicked off the teenager slasher craze of the late 1970s and all of the 1980s. The film also helped the acting career of Jamie Lee Curtis, whose performance as the terrorized Laurie Strode has scared audiences for four decades. While there have been numerous Halloween sequels and reboots of varying quality, Carpenter decided to throw out everything, except the events of the first movie. 

A sequel set 40 years after Laurie Strode's first blood-filled encounter with the white-masked Michael Myers (one of the most iconic horror villains ever) will debut this fall from director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Your Highness).

After months of anticipation, the first, creepy trailer is here, the trailer that Curtis described as "terrifying" and going "full-tilt boogeyman."

 Watch it below, but make sure you keep the lights on...

Chock-full of chills and scares, the trailer explains that Michael's been locked up in an insane asylum for the last 40 years since killing all those teenagers. Two British investigators (possibly of the paranormal) head to the institution to speak with the mass murderer and attempt to provoke a response with his old white mask. This doesn't get a reaction from Myers, but it certainly agitates a guard dog and the other inmates.

Meanwhile, Laurie Strode's been filled with the lust for revenge over the last four decades, hoping that Michael will escape so that she can kill him. The story of his killing spree in 1978 has become a boogeyman-esque myth in the intervening years, but it's going to become a horrifying reality when Myers escapes, dons his iconic mask, and returns home.

Carpenter serves dual roles, as executive producer and composer. He didn't write the script, which was actually handled by director Green and actor Danny McBride, both of whom are known for their comedic roles. Nevertheless, they're both superfans of the franchise and did justice to the original film with their screenplay. Since they are doing away with all the canon established since 1981's Halloween II, McBride said that this movie takes place in an "alternate reality" away from all the other projects that lend their names to the Halloween mythos.

"As soon as I read what David Green and Danny McBride (Alien: Covenant) had come up with... and the way that they connected the dots of the story, it made so much sense to me that it felt totally appropriate for me to return to Haddonfield [Illinois] for another 40th-anniversary retelling,” Curtis told Yahoo! Entertainment back in April. “There was the idea of, ‘What do you call it?’ If I had had my druthers, I probably would’ve called it Halloween Retold. Because it’s being retold. It’s the original story in many, many, many ways. Just retold 40 years later with my granddaughter.”

While Laurie's 40 years older, she now has her daughter (Jurassic World's Judy Greer) to face the threat of Myers, who is being played by James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle. The latter was the first actor to portray the silent, knife-wielding antagonist back in '78. 

Halloween slashes into theaters everywhere October 19.

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