New Halloween film coming from ... David Gordon Green and Danny McBride?

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May 2, 2017, 11:51 AM EDT (Updated)

Various writers and directors have been trying to get a new Halloween film off the ground ever since Rob Zombie wrapped up his reboot of the franchise in 2009. Last year the franchise got a little boost when horror power player Blumhouse Productions started working to develop a new film, but we had no idea what they had planned. Until today.

Halloween creator John Carpenter announced via his Facebook page Thursday that Blumhouse founder Jason Blum brought him a new pitch for the next film with writer/director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) and writer/actor Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down), and Carpenter was happy with what he heard. Now, the flick is a go. Check out Carpenter's exciting full post:

Right now, we have no idea what Green and McBride brought to the table or what set it apart that got Carpenter so excited. Hopefully we'll hear more about that soon, but the key takeaway right now is that, after years of bland sequels and a new era of development hell, the founder of the franchise is excited about his creation again.

Plus, while Green and McBride are best know as a comedy duo, they won't be the first funny writers to make the jump to horror, and their respective filmographies and sensibilities are diverse enough to make me think there's a good chance they know what they're doing here. Oh, and McBride has to play the sheriff/cop chasing down Michael Myers, right?

What do you think? Is this the Halloween revival we've been waiting for?