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Halo-themed prosthetics help deserving kids channel their inner Master Chief

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Dec 19, 2018, 10:35 PM EST

A new partnership between the developers of Halo, League of Legends, and a nonprofit for disabled children is bringing the cybernetic coolness of Master Chief into the real world in a way that’s anything but artificial.

Thanks to a collaboration between the gaming studios and Limbitless Solutions, a nonprofit specializing in bionics and prosthetics, a new batch of fully functioning synthetic limbs designed to mimic the look and feel of 343 Industries' Halo series, as well as Riot Games’ League of Legends, will soon be helping kids negotiate life in a truly unique way.

The teams have tweeted out a first look at the results of the partnership, and we’ve gotta say — the 3D-printed designs are spot-on:

“Some of the characters are larger than others, and can therefore be less accommodating for clothing such as long sleeves, jackets, or sweatshirts,” Dominique Courbin, production director at Limbitless, explained to SYFY WIRE. “Being based in Florida, we had to learn these lessons the hard way, and have since made the aesthetic overlays of our arms removable and interchangeable.

“We recommend that, when choosing your sleeve design, you balance the desire for the coolest arm on the planet with a second sleeve that is appropriate for when you want your personality to steal the show,” he added. And, just to put that goal within reach, Limbitless provides two swappable sleeves for each prosthetic arm that it donates.

This part probably comes as no surprise, but if past performance is any indication, the kids and families on the receiving end of all this 26th-century style will light up at the chance to elevate one of life’s necessities into something that approaches a trendsetting work of wearable art.

“Of our previous deliveries, the kids have always been excited to have some part of their personality reflected in their sleeve,” Courbin said of the group’s past efforts — which include bionic arms based on Iron Man, among other heroes. “We believe that all of our bionic kids are born to be heroes and leave their mark on the world around them.”

For more views of the cool prosthetics that Limbitless has made, as well as info on the group’s overall mission, head on over to their stories page. And if you plan on cosplaying anytime soon as League of Legends’ Odyssey Jinx or Halo’s Master Chief, keep your visor clean and be on the lookout: There might just be a kid close by who’s already way, way ahead of you.