Atriox and The Banished attack in new Halo Wars 2 launch trailer

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Feb 6, 2017

Brace yourself for this battle-crazed preview of Microsoft's new Halo Wars 2, a return to the type of epic storytelling and killer combat sequences that the billion-dollar Halo franchise is best known for.

This captivating new trailer features some sizable space battles, close-quarter melees, laser swords, inspiring speeches, furious firestorms and a new Thanos-sized villain named Atriox, who leads a monstrous cadre of alien commandos.

Here's the official synopsis:

Halo Wars 2, the sequel to the bestselling console real-time strategy game of all time, is an action-packed RTS on the biggest Halo battlefield ever. Get ready to lead armies of Spartans and other Halo fighting forces like Warthogs, Scorpions and exciting new units in a brutal war against a terrifying new enemy, The Banished.

In this long-awaited sequel to the acclaimed Halo Wars, a new enemy threatens the Halo universe and the only thing standing between Armageddon and humanity is the brave crew on board the Spirit of Fire. Halo Wars 2 returns fans worldwide to the role of commander throughout an incredible campaign featuring the biggest battles in Halo history. In addition to the epic campaign, Halo Wars 2 comes packed with competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes built specifically for a wide range of new and veteran gamers.

Hurl yourself into this epic new confrontation with the Covenant and tell us if this game is centered in your crosshairs. Halo Wars 2 blasts off for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on Feb. 21.

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