Hammer Time: Tom Hiddleston might have played Thor instead of Loki

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Dec 15, 2012

Being cast as Loki in Thor and The Avengers is probably the best thing that's ever happened to Tom Hiddleston's career, but things could have ended very differently. According to Hiddleston, he went after the Thor role, ended up in the running for Thor AND Loki, and didn't know where he'd land right up until the very end.

Hiddleston says he didn't know he was up for both roles until he signed a contract before his final screen test (common practice for big flicks like this) that had some very interesting fine print, specifying that Marvel Studios reserved the right to cast him as either Thor or Loki.
He remembered thinking, "Hmm, even though my wig is blond, I'm not sure it's going to end up that way."
But not everyone at Marvel was confused about which role Hiddleston should play. He says Marvel executive Kevin Feige thought from the very beginning that Hiddleston could only play the devious Loki.
"He was like, 'This is the Loki audition, right?' And then Ken Branagh went, 'No, this is a Thor audition,' and he went, 'Oh, okay. I guess we could try it,'" Hiddleston recollected.
At this point, with one big movie under his belt and two more big ones on the way (The Avengers and Patty Jenkins' Thor 2), it seems impossible to imagine anyone but Hiddleston playing Loki (or, for that matter, anyone but Chris Hemsworth playing Thor). Casting him as the God of Thunder would have been an interesting choice, to say the least. What do you think? Could he have pulled it off?
(Via MTV Splash Page)

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