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Han gets court-martialed in deleted scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Sep 12, 2018, 5:17 PM EDT

A few weeks back, Lucasfilm released an excerpt from the novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which explained why Han went from Imperial pilot, to foot soldier on the mud planet of Mimban. Interestingly enough, that piece of backstory (or at least some of it) was also in the screenplay and filmed, although it was cut from the final movie. 

Entertainment Weekly revealed the deleted scene, which will be available on the home release and whose special and sound effects aren't fully completed. Why spend the money on making it look pretty when it won't even be in the finished film, right? 

Watch it below:

We find Han (Alden Ehrenreich) flying a TIE fighter that's spinning out of control. He keeps sassing someone who isn't there (revealed to be the ship's droid piloting system in the book) before crashing into the docking bay of a Star Destroyer. 

Cut to black before fading into Han's court-martial, where he's told that the Empire has no need of Tom Cruise-style, Top Gun-esque mavericks, who can't obey orders. Despite Solo's protests, he's demoted to a grunt on Mimban, but not before asking when he'll be flying again. The Commodore presiding over the hearing gives a wicked smile and says they'll have him flying again in no time. 

Smash cut to an explosion on Mimban, as Han, now an Imperial foot soldier, goes flying during the firefight that is included in the movie.

Still, it's a shame that Han's piloting tenture with the Empire was not included, because it highlights our hero's flying talent and his hatred for drawing inside the lines, while also showing us something we've never seen in a Star Wars movie: Han Solo flying a TIE fighter for the bad guys! 

Solo: A Star Wars Story will be available for digital download this Friday, Sep. 12. You'll have to wait until Sep. 25 for the DVD/Blu-Ray