Han Solo wants in on the job in new clip from Solo: A Star Wars Story

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May 9, 2018, 10:12 AM EDT

Making up for the dearth of marketing earlier in the film’s life cycle that some thought stemmed from the directorial kerfuffle behind the scenes, Solo: A Star Wars Story has been packing in the trailers, posters, and other hype-generating material in the last few weeks — and it's not over yet.

A new clip, which debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live, shows Thandie Newton (whom you might recognize from Westworld) as Val having a conversation with Woody Harrelson’s Tobias Beckett and Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo. Well, “conversation” may be a bit too cordial of a word for the threat-punctuated sizing-up the gangsters and wannabe gangster give each other in the clip, but when you’re in the world of thieves, that serves as small talk.

Ehrenreich still seems a bit uncomfortable embracing his inner bad boy, but that may be because Harrelson and Newton are playing such veteran crooks. If watching them in motion is a bit too close to the movie and you simply want another aesthetic tease, a trio of posters were also debuted.

Feast your eyes on the artwork that’s focused on allegiances, either that of the heroic scoundrels or the villainous...other scoundrels - the mysterious Enfys Nest and her gang, the Cloud-Riders:

Solo poster heroes

Source: Disney

Solo poster villains

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And one focused on that scruffy-looking nerf herder himself:

Solo Han Poster

Source: Disney

Just don’t ask him about the odds until the movie comes out May 25.