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(Credit: Mike Warren)

Handmade smoking Ghost Rider costume is lit enough to win Best in Show

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Oct 31, 2018, 1:57 PM EDT

It’s that most wonderful time of year again, when all our favorite characters come blazing back out of the woodwork and into the glowing orange light of Halloween. Thanks to conventions, cosplay doesn’t have to wait until All Hallows’ Eve anymore, but if we’re solely going by this Ghost Rider costume, then perhaps it’s still safe to say the best cosplayers save their A-games for tonight.

On this night, Ghost Rider is always appreciated, even if it’s just a dude in a plastic skeleton mask saying, “I’m Ghost Rider!” all night. But maker Mike Warren, aka Mikeasaurus, has taken the supernatural stunt cyclist to a whole ‘nother level, one worthy of our paper plate award for Best in Show for this Halloween season. Unless you can point to something that beats a fiery backlit e-cig-powered self-smoking 3D-printed full-head skull. 

Hallo-win. Right?

If this looks like an engineering feat, you’d be right, as demonstrated in the video above, which shows at high speed (and set to high-bpm metal) all the many steps it takes to make this sure-fire winner of a costume (though you may not have enough time to throw it together for tonight, so can we recommend a plastic skeleton mask instead?). That said, on Mikeasaurus’ Intructables page, where he’s posted the vid along with a full build tutorial, he’s quick to point out that’s it not so difficult as it appears.

“Adding smoke effect for your costume is easier to achieve than you might think, using a vaping e-cig loaded with vegetable glycol and pumped using a small aquarium pump,” he writes. “This effect combined with tucking some flickering LEDs into incospicuous places can give a realistic fire and smoke look to your next costume.”

Granted, it helps to have access to a 3D printer. And a clamp, or some such tool. And probably some other tools that look like they might have proper names. 

Looking at Mikeasaurus’ other Instructables projects, this type of quality and innovation is seemingly par for his DIYing course. Unless you routinely see fully functioning chainsaw blenders, 360-degree analog camera hats, and baby flasks in your everyday life.

Either way, there’s no denying the man has a gift, even if we’re just judging by this Halloween gem. And judging we are, as the paper plate’s in the mail.  

(via Bloody Disgusting)