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Handmaid's Tale, Legion, Star Trek land Peabody Award nominations

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Apr 11, 2018, 12:20 PM EDT (Updated)

The "official" awards season might have ended, but a few ceremonies are still piling on some prestigious hardware. This year's nominees for the Peabody Awards were announced, and a good number of genre projects made the shortlist of 60 television shows, radio programs, podcasts, and web series, all chosen from around 1,200 entries.

Genre fare from both major networks (e.g. NBC and CBS) and streaming services (e.g. Netflix and Hulu) were nominated this year. CBS' Star Trek: Discovery, NBC's The Good Place, FX's Legion, and Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale are all competing in the Entertainment category. Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events nabbed a nomination in the category for Children's & Youth Programming, an interesting development given the show's darker elements of murder and deceit.

The Peabodies, established in 1940 by the National Association of Broadcasters, recognize the best in storytelling from all fields of mass media. While the Internet wasn't around when the awards were first created, a category for the web was integrated during the early 2000s.  

2018 continues to prove that genre is something to be reckoned with, especially after the big wins of Get Out and The Shape of Water at the 90th Academy Awards. Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror are no longer just pulpy channels of escapism, but have the potential to be genuine pieces of art that reflect the real world, which, if you think about it, has always been the goal of genre projects: shining a funhouse mirror on our current society. 

The 77th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 19, in New York City.