Zombie-proof your car with this detailed video survival guide

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Dec 15, 2012

A while back, we ran down a list of 10 real-world locations that would make for pretty decent places to ride out the inevitable zombie holocaust. But it did raise the question: How are you going to get from wherever you are to (relative) safety? Learn how to transform a normal vehicle into an armored transport.

Using materials you probably have on hand or can find close by—drills, jigsaws, a chain-link fence, etc.—Moog and Marty from Australian online car show Mighty Car Mods transform a 1987 Nissan Pathfinder into what looks like a pretty capable armored personnel carrier.

These two guys are pretty entertaining to watch, and they do seem to know quite a bit about car modification, but my favorite part is the "zombie survival expert" who desperately doesn't want to be identified. What, is he afraid the zombies will target him if they know what he looks like?

(via Every Day No Days Off)

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