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Casting: Ann-Margret gets Happy!, Daredevil taps Lesley Ann Warren, and more

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Oct 1, 2018, 4:32 PM EDT

As Nick Sax, Christopher Meloni stared deadpan-straight in the face of a lot of intimidating stuff through the first season of Happy!, SYFY’s darkly comedic take on Grant Morrison’s trippy graphic novel. But he’s about to be joined by a star who can probably put on a clinic when it comes to chewing the hit series’ deliciously gritty scenery.

Emmy Award winner Ann-Margret is joining the Happy! cast for Season 2 in a recurring role as Bebe DeBarge, a “former siren of the stage and screen,” according to the network. Sounds like a role that’s right up the legendary real-life siren’s alley, especially if you strike “former” from that last sentence.

SYFY also has revealed a pair of other casting announcements for Happy!, including the return of Christopher Fitzgerald as Sonny Shine — the kids’ entertainer with some very dark grown-up problems. Bryce Lorenzo also will return to reprise her role as Hailey Hansen, the little girl whose Season 1 kidnapping at the hands of Santa Claus essentially gave Nick a reason to fight his way forward through all that jaded world-weariness.

Season 2 also will find Patton Oswalt returning as the voice of the innocent animated blue figment that plagues Nick Sax’s sanity, and will feature series newcomer Paul Wight (aka wrestling’s Big Show), who’ll play Big Pink, a cellmate of Blue, one of Scaramucci’s gangsters. 

SYFY hasn’t yet revealed a premiere date for the show’s second season, so stay tuned for updates.


With the Season 3 premiere of Daredevil only a couple of weeks away, Marvel has revealed the addition of veteran actor Lesley Ann Warren (Clue) in what appears to be a recurring role. 

Warren will play a newcomer named Mrs. Falb, a “true survivor” of a character Marvel describes as a person of “high morals and steely resolve” who’s not afraid to make powerful enemies, if it means staying true to her conscience.

Daredevil scorches back onto Netflix for its third season starting Oct. 19.

Turning to the big screen, the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot has reportedly picked up another key addition, reuniting Angels director and co-star Elizabeth Banks with Sam Claflin, a fellow Hunger Games alum. 

Via Variety, Claflin has joined the movie for a still-unspecified part, playing opposite Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska in the three titular roles. 

Claflin will star alongside previously-cast big names including Djimon Hounsou, Jonathan Tucker, and Luis Gerardo Mendez. Banks, Hounsou, and Patrick Stewart all will take turns playing the role of Bosley, lending a new wrinkle to the TV-based franchise.

Charlie’s Angels is scheduled to descend into theaters Sept. 27 of next year.

Antlers, the intriguing Guillermo del Toro-produced horror movie in development from Fox Searchlight, has just added a sizable batch of new cast members. 

Via Deadline, Graham Greene (Longmire, Molly’s Game), Amy Madigan (The Dark Half, Gone Baby Gone), Scott Haze (Future World), and Jeremy T. Thomas (Amazon’s Lore anthology) all have joined the project, alongside Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons as a school teacher and her sheriff brother working to untangle a mystery surrounding a local student (who’ll be played by Thomas). 

No release date has been announced for the Scott Cooper-directed Antlers, but we’re staying deer-alert for fresh developments.