Happy Anniversary, ST:TNG!

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Sep 29, 2007

Hey, this week is the 20th anniversary of the airing of Star Trek: the Next Generation!


I was in my first year of grad school then. A bunch of us nerdy astro grads got together and watched it, and we liked it, though the giant Portugese Man-O-Wars in love thing was pretty silly. I didn't like Q much either, which goes to show what I know (he later became a favorite, though ruined on Voyager and DS9).

Anyway, I'm glad it revived the series. Next time I'm in Vegas (next June for TAM6, baby!) I'll go to Quark's bar and hoist a Warp Core Breach in TNG's honor.

Hmmm, Wil, you listening? You should come to TAM!

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