Happy Death Day 2U
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Happy Death Day 2U trailer spreads the curse around

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Nov 30, 2018, 12:13 PM EST

After the resounding success of its Groundhog Day-like predecessorHappy Death Day 2U is following hot on its horrific heels to give fans of the genre more and more time-loopy scares. The Blumhouse film sees the return of star Jessica Rothe as well as writer/director Christopher Landon, who return to give genre fans a trailer for the sequel only a few months after it was announced. Now that’s dedication.

Now the new plot seems just as tongue-in-cheek as the original, with plenty of time paradoxes, deja vu, and death galore. As the trailer says: pay attention. Looks like Rothe’s poor character is being harassed by yet another baby-masked baddie and thus is thrown into another loop. And she’s pissed about it.

Check it out:

Rothe seems to now be responsible for all her friends’ lives too. Resetting the day DOES seem like a superpower. But her excellently comic frustration and the variety of villainous and self-inflicted kills in the movie look to win favor with casual horror fans and gorehounds alike.

The film’s also released a new poster, which fans can check out below.

Happy Death Day 2U poster

Source: Blumhouse

Happy Death Day 2U hits theaters next Valentine’s Day.