Happy second anniversary to me!

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Jul 1, 2010

Two years ago today, I moved my blog to Discover Magazine's website.

I'll admit, I was worried a bit when it happened; would my traffic crash, would their traffic crash, would they wake up and realize what an awesomely huge mistake they made?

Happily, the answers were no, no, and not yet, so everything's cool. In fact, my traffic has increased a lot -- the month that just ended was my highest ever -- meaning science and skepticism is popular. Or more realistically, they're interesting to a sufficiently large group of people for blogging purposes.

The folks at Discover have been terrific. They work hard to support the blogs -- like adding the new way cool gallery software after I irritated them enough complaining about the last couple of codes we used -- and have even let me write for the dead tree version (did you see the latest issue with my article on Vulcanoids? No? You would if you subscribed. This message brought to you by Discover Magazine). They send me to Comic Con every year, one of the highlights of my year, and generally treat me pretty well.

I know this is hard on the heels of my 5000th post, but I want to thank the Hive Overmind* and the brains that comprise it.

As for what the future holds... well, we'll see, won't we? But I think I said it already in my first post in my new home:

So to those of you who deny the Apollo Moon landings, or think global warming is a hoax, or want to teach religion in schools, or cry doomsday when none exists, or think aliens are probing your privates, or see the face of Jesus in a drywall water stain, or think the Universe is anything less than 13.7 billion years old… you’d better watch your backs. I’m standing right behind you, and I won’t let your antiscience go on without a fight.

And for those of you who like reality the way it is… keep standing behind me. I still need and want your support. Together, we can keep the forces of evil at bay.

* Going through my archive, I found that the first time I called them that was in my second post after moving here. That makes me smile.

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