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Some time passes, Nick has recovered, Hailey is on the mend, and Happy… well, Happy is starting to fade away. Hailey's growing up, and he's growing a part. He's off to find some other kid in need of a friend.

Happy! teases nun-exploding, Easter-based second season at NYCC

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Oct 6, 2018, 12:31 PM EDT

With SYFY’s Happy! on its way for its second season (and possibly more to come), the saga of Grant Morrison’s ex-cop/hitman and his imaginary friend — yes it’s weird — has plenty in store for fans of the absurd, the violent, and the in-between. Now, at the show’s NYCC panel, the Christopher Meloni- and Patton Oswalt-starring show is looking back on its premiere season and forward onto what comes next.

And first, they showed off a trailer as crazy as anything the show has ever done. Exploding nuns, the pope, chainsaw kills, old folk brawls, skinless weirdos, and a gimp Easter bunny all showed up repping the Easter holiday-based S2. Because pastels fit this show so well, right?

After that madness, stars Meloni, Lili Mirojnick, Medina Senghore, Ritchie Coster, Patrick Fischler, and Christopher Fitzgerald spoke at the panel alongside executive producers Patrick Macmanus, Brian Taylor, and Morrison. Oswalt gave a brief video speech praising the sexy Meloni, after which the actor explained that during his discussion with Taylor he was refreshed by the producer's honesty. "He doesn't know what the ****'s going on, I don't know what the ****'s going on," Meloni said.

The person that does know is the comic creator himself. Perhaps. "The second season, it's like a Christmas present, but it's from an eccentric uncle who gives you something like part ownership of a Komodo dragon," Morrison said. So whatever that means. "Last season looks like Masterpiece Theatre," said Macmanus. "If the last one was The Hobbit, this one is Lord of the Rings," Morrison continued. But what about specifics?

Coster, explaining the fallout from the end of season one, said that on the last scene of the last day, he fainted and had to be taken straight to the hospital. As far as the potential for a season two relationship, Mirojnick explains that her character might be eyeballing some "other handsome fellas" on the show.

Macmanus teases something a bit more unsavory, revealing that the season will have a few instances of totally absurd full frontal — the only kind allowed on basic cable. In other nudity news, Macmanus told a brief story about season guest star Ann-Margret and tactfully explaining to her "doggystyle," which it sounds like we'll see soon enough. Another guest star - whose nudity wasn't addressed - announced was none other than "Weird Al" Yankovic. Taylor then explained that we'll get to know some of the IFs from season one "maybe too well" as Happy goes through some changes — "some very fast growing up," says Morrison. "Happy becomes a teenager." Oh dear god.

Happy!'s second season premieres in 2019.

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